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9 Benefits of Music that Will Surprise You

Listening to music can be therapy for your soul, science says. It may surprise you, but you will be surprised at how this daily activity can significantly make you happier and even more productive. In Tubidy, you can find many songs from various genres.

Listening to music is one of the most favorite activities for youngsters. By listening to music, people can express their feelings, comfort their selves, and even build a mood for working. In some cases, listening to music can boost your mood to be happier even when you feel down.

So, what might be the benefits of listening to music? Let’s unveil them with us!

Unveiling the Benefits of Listening to Your Favorite Music

Music influences our feelings and thoughts, and by that influence, our behavior also gets affected, too. You can experience how you feel more pumped up when you listen to an upbeat song. Another case is when you get relaxed when listening to a calming song.

It gives you many benefits more than keeping your mood good, but also makes you feel more motivated. Here are some things you’ll experience when listening to music:

1. Reducing your stress

There are studies about how music can help you reduce your stress. Some people also use music as their coping mechanism. It releases stress, manages one’s feelings, and soothes your mind.

It is proven in a 2013 study which showed how listening to music helps people to recover from stress quicker.

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2. Improving Cognitive Performance

When you listen to good music, you will perform better in what you do. Listening to music while you’re working or focusing on a task is recommended as it will help you to process the task faster and more efficiently.

When doing a task, you can put background music to keep you motivated. Remember, always choose simple, soothing music over a more complicated one. Make sure your music doesn’t distract you.

3. Helps Reduce Appetite

Surprising, isn’t it? A recent study found that eating your meal with dimmed light and music played in the background is good to reduce your appetite. It creates a more relaxed nuance and will make you eat more mindfully.

Music brings a more relaxing atmosphere when you eat, which leads to better hunger management. It affects your mind and you can deal with what you eat.

4. Helps Manage Pain

Just like how music affects your stress, it also makes you more relaxed when dealing with pain. There is a study that shows how fibromyalgia patients endured pain better when they listen to music.

It shows a significant difference to the patients who don’t listen to music. It also gives better anxiety management to the patients, which also improves their condition a lot.

5. Improves Memory

Studying while listening to music is recommended for students, as music will help you to remember better. Thus, you can put your favorite song when you’re studying. Choose a simple song or instrumental music which helps you be more focused on what you’re studying.

Listening to music is a proven method to be more focused and mindful when doing anything in your life. Find your favorite music in Tubidy!

6. Gives you Better Sleep

If you’re battling insomnia, you can listen to music before sleeping. Try to listen to classical music before going to bed to soothe your mind. You can also listen to an audiobook if you like.

Listening to soothing music will make your mind more relaxed. It means you will sleep easier!

7. Improves Your Mood

Are you feeling down? Need more motivation? Go listen to an upbeat song to keep your mood stable. As music enters your soul, you’ll become more motivated and happier!

It also works when you’re sad and you need to get soothed. Listen to a comforting song to manage your feelings. This way, you can boost your mood and you will pour all your feelings.

8. Improves Motivation

Similar to the previous point, music will boost your mood and make you more motivated. This benefit is a great thing for athletes, students, and employees. Keep your comfort song in your playlist and you can listen to them when you need.

9. Improves Your Endurance

If you’re an athlete, you can get the benefit of having better endurance during your exercise session. Just as it helps you relax and be motivated, music will also help you improve your endurance during exercise.

The Best Place to Get the Best Music

All those benefits are improving both your physical and mental health. By listening to a good song, you can be the best version of yourself. It can also be your therapy to find peace. Looking for a trusted place to download your music? Go download it from Tubidy to find thousands of good songs! Let good music be a part of your days!

4 Reasons Math Is Good for Improving Health

Mathematics is the scariest subject for some people, even though knowing the Sohcahtoa formula can be fun. Even mathematics unknowingly regulates everything that exists in everyday life.

Mathematics is also very beneficial for brain health which can be used to change one’s outlook on various things. Curious what are the benefits? Let’s look at the following explanation.

Train Brain Skills

The brain is like a knife, the more it is sharpened, the sharper it becomes. Mathematics can help the brain continue to practice, in fact, the more often you practice, the more honed your skills will be. Even easy math problems can help train brain skills.

For example, a junior high school student is working on a problem about KPK, there are several skill levels involved in it. Students who are at that level may add one number at a time that matches the multiple.

While students who have a higher level, can find answers to story questions related to the KPK. The students’ memory here will be better trained, where students can connect KPK with everyday life.

Let’s say two students take part in basketball practice, then one student practices every other day, the other one every three days. They can calculate when they will meet in the moment of joint practice with the sohcahtoa formula.

These various skill levels will be equivalent along with the complexity of the learning obtained. Students who practice diligently will succeed in drawing the connections they learn with everyday life, so that the brain will become more skilled.

Maintaining Brain Balance

In general, the human brain is divided into two parts, namely the right brain and the left brain. To answer easy math questions, the left brain digests questions in the form of numbers and remembers the tables they have studied.

At the same time, then the right brain processes it into something it is familiar with. For example chocolate and how to connect it so that the problem becomes something that is known in the everyday world. Cooperation between the two brains helps solve problems more easily and quickly.

Increase Intelligence

There is research that the brain will be more active doing simple math when he is playing a game. Try to imagine if learning mathematics is done in the form of a game.

When you do even the simplest math, the prefrontal areas of the brain that are responsible for learning and thinking logically are activated. In addition, doing math can also stimulate both sides of the brain to be active.

Try to get used to doing simple math problems first. This can stimulate the brain to be active so that it can process information more efficiently. Especially if you use the Sohcahtoa formula.

Prevent the Brain from Senile

When working on math problems, the prefrontal part of the brain will be active so it is useful for people who experience memory loss.

The process of reading numbers and math problems, operating numbers and moving hands to write formulas, calculating until you get the answer, can help improve thinking skills and help reduce the severity of dementia.

These various benefits are closely related to the exercise of the function of the brain. People who study mathematics diligently will help activate the function of the brain, so that it becomes more active.

This is very impactful for various fields in everyday life, one of which is preventing the brain from senility.

In addition, doing math will help the parts of the brain synergize with each other so they can properly read the information on the problem, think about how to process that information and find solutions to math problems.

You can find various formulas that make it easier to work on math problems in the Sohcahtoa formula.

How Massage Can Improve Your Well-Being?

When you realize that your body was so tired, or feel sore, and lazy with any activity, massage can help the body refresh again. You can ask the masseuse to massage your body to relax again. With the help of a masseuse or Full Body Massage Chair, your body can relax again and you will feel better.

Massage Can Make You Feel Better 

You will feel fantastic following a massage. You can improve your body’s health by getting a massage. In fact, you start to feel better even before the therapist walks into the room, which is why there are so many people interested in this.

The brain has an immediate response to the therapist’s touch. When therapist give experience pressure to your skin, the signal automatically sends to the brain and then release endorphins, which good for your mood. The consequence is a feeling of exhilaration and bliss, its will if you have a Full Body Massage Chair.

The morphine will help you feel better if you have actual aches by preventing the brain from receiving pain signals. And if you’ve just finished a strenuous workout and your muscles are hurting, a nice rubdown will actually hasten the healing process. Massage boosts cell regeneration and reduces inflammation.

Massage Can Keep the Body Healthy 

  • Lowering tension and raising relaxation

Massage can ease physical tension and promote relaxation. After your muscles have worked out some of the tension, you must relax. When you exercise, it improves movement, lessens discomfort, and lessens tension, so that the body becomes comfortable.

  • Lowering tension, muscle tightness, and discomfort

Blood flow can be restricted and posture might be thrown out of alignment by tight muscles. Massage can help to alleviate the issue of tight muscles. The warmth of the muscles rises as a result of being massaged, so the condition will be good.

  • Increasing energy, circulation, and alertness

When a massage soothes stiff muscles, stress is reduced, which aids in clear thinking and productive work. Positive emotions are frequently linked to sharper memory and thinking. Pessimistic thinking and decreased focus are related to negative emotions differently, so massage was very useful.

  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate

More and more studies have shown that massage decreases blood pressure, slows heart rate, and improves blood flow. When there is cause for concern, blood pressure must be lowered. At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, a pilot trial found that in-patient massage therapy following heart bypass surgery decreased pain and muscle spasms.

  • Enhancing immunological performance

Increased circulation and lymphatic movement, which aid in distributing wholesome nutrients throughout your body, are known to be promoted by massage. The body’s circulation and lymphatic flow must successfully filter metabolic waste in order for this to happen. Studies have shown that massage therapy can boost lymphocyte levels, which are immune system support cells that assist the body fight against pathogens.

Aromatherapy is frequently used by massage therapists in their treatments. To your naked skin, they add scented essential oils. Don’t forget to use the Full Body Massage Chair.

The Safety Features of Lifted Trucks

As a truck driver, safety will always be your bigger concern, and it is number one of utmost importance. As a truck driving company needs to always ensure the safety of the driver, so the driver needs to understand the safety features, and always keep their eyes peeled on the long road. To help better understand safety features, truck dispatcher training and guidance will help. 

Lifted trucks have features that help their driver to operate the trucks properly and safely. The truck designer will always create, and update existing safety features, keeping the truck drivers protected as always when operating the machine. To make sure you get a better idea of how these safety features work, here are a few of the safety features of the lifted trucks you need to know and understand.

If you want to know more regarding trucking, trucking business, better trucks, and truck dispatcher training then you have come to the right place. We provide useful information, not just for any truck driver and operator, but we also provide guidance and advice to the truck business owner, and people interested in the trucking business.

What Are the Safety Features of Lifted Trucks?

Safety features are a technology that enhances security, allowing safety not just for the truck driver, but also for people all around the truck. This safety ensures that safety is the number one utmost priority, hence it is important feature that every driver, truck dispatcher, and owner need to understand. 

Presence Detection System

A presence Detection System or PDS is a device that allows the truck to see the presence of the driver on the seat. In some newer models, the PDS could also sense the presence of the people and things all around the truck, creating a more sophisticated emergency braking system. 

When the truck operator isn’t seated, and the seat is vacated, the drive system and hydraulic system will disengage, disabling the automatic parking brake, with hill hold. The PDS system, ensure the worker is seated properly, preventing a possible accident that can lead to damage and harm.

  • Fingertip Controls

Fingertip controls allow for more precise controls, with hydraulic function, comfortable hand position, and anatomical support for the driver. This in turn increases the comfort and safety of the driver, increasing operator awareness, and control. This is also one of the key features mentioned in a lot of truck dispatcher training. 

  • Optimum Steering

Adjustable optimum steering is a must for every standard lifted truck, to enhance the steering control, ensuring rapid, and accurate response for the truck.

  • Ease of Access

To help the operator operate the truck properly and safely, the convenience and ease of access in the driving seat are a must. These features not only enhance driver comfort but also its security too

  • Low Noise 

Low noise will ensure that truck drivers will have maximum concentration. Minimum noise levels would also come with minimum distraction levels.

If you want to know more about the truck dispatcher training and trucking business program, then make sure to visit our official website for more information and a guide. 

5 Simplest Ways to Lost Weight Fast

Obesity has become a national crisis. We are eating more refined, processed, and sugary foods than ever before, and it is costing us, both physically and financially. Almost a third of the population is on a “diet” at any given moment.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on various diet aids. As it was mentioned on the website Classweightloss many people nowadays try hard to get their ideal weight by doing the diet. However, only about 5% of people who try to lose weight succeed in doing so and keeping it off.

It is, however, not that tough to discover how to reduce weight quickly and permanently. You only need to learn and apply a few fundamental principles. To lose weight, you just need to consume fewer calories than you spend.

There are two ways to accomplish this, by consuming fewer calories or expending more calories. Moreover, while it is true that the higher the calorie deficit, the faster you will lose weight, starvation diets are not the way to go. This is because if you have a large deficit for an extended period, your metabolism will slow down, making it more difficult to lose weight.

5 Simple Ways to Lost Weight Fast

The most effective method is to change some of your eating habits. What you eat matters considerably more than how much you eat. You may feel content all of the time while dramatically reducing your calorie intake by eating the correct meals.

As a result, you will have no trouble meeting your weight-loss objectives. Besides some tips you can find on Classweightloss, here are 5 simple ways to lose weight fast.

  • Eat less junk food and sugary food

Junk food and sugary food such as pastries, candy bars, pizzas, pies, burgers, and other similar foods are high in calories and easy to overeat. As a result, they tend to gain weight while also producing a lot of sickness in the body. They also make the body cling on to fat reserves.

If you eat prepared foods of any kind, always read the labels to see how much sugar and fat they contain. Also, be wary of goods branded as “reduced-fat” as they are often heavy in sugar.

  • Make a firm decision to succeed

If you go into your weight loss program half-heartedly, you’re not going to continue with it for very long. As a result, it is critical to make a strong decision and be completely committed to seeing it through.

Concentrate on your reason ‘why’. What is your motivation for wanting to reduce weight? Every day, remind yourself of this. It takes effort to change behaviours, so stay committed and focused on your goal.

  • Exercise but not overdo it

Even though the most essential component is what you eat, a true long-term weight loss diet is unachievable without exercise. Strength training will help you maintain (or even enhance) your muscle mass while losing fat. Cardiovascular exercise, such as aerobic activity or jogging, will help you burn off additional fat.

If you want to know more about this, you can visit Classweightloss to get more information. It’s also a good idea to take great quality, the whole source of nutrition multivitamin supplements every day since the extra nutrients can help you maintain a healthy metabolism while also protecting you from long-term health concerns caused by deficiencies.

  • Eat more vegetables and natural food

Eggs, fish, milk, and meat are high in necessary protein and can keep you full for a long time. Fruits and vegetables provide a variety of nutrients as well as a rich source of fiber. Nuts, seeds, and dairy products are also nutritious and healthy, but should not be consumed in excess.

Moreover, grains such as brown rice, oats, and so on and potatoes are good sources of complex carbs and fiber, but they should be consumed in moderation. If you stick to these foods in your diet, you’ll lose weight quickly while also boosting your health.

  • Get enough sleep

Many people who are trying to lose weight quickly fail because they do not get enough sleep. It is understandable because you do not normally equate sleep with weight loss, but it is a huge factor.

Your hormones will operate correctly if you get enough sleep. You never want to mess with your hormones because it will entirely upset everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Check out for more information about weight loss.

The Healing Benefits of Arts

Have you ever felt so down and feel something to make you brave to stand again? As you might want to be the best version of you and you can get a lot of benefits from it, you should be ready to choose what activities that can heal your stressed mind. Therefore, you need to know what the benefits of having arts as your hobby are. It helps you heal and you can also find many other unique things. Choose some unique activities like carving. You can start looking for carving stone for sale in case you want to learn how to carve and make sculpture.

The Power of Arts for Healing Depression

Healing your depression can be quite tricky, but it’s not impossible. When it comes to you to mend the mess in your mind, you can simply choose some activities that help you heal. It helps you to relax and be easier in daily activities. Healing depression by making arts will be good and useful for you. So, here are some benefits of arts as healing method:

  1. When you carve, you try to focus on one thing at a time. Of course, as you know you need to focus on one thing, you can simply focus on it without having to consider other things. Focusing on one thing will never make you regret, as it will be helpful for you to forget other problems you might have at the time.
  2. You can also get a healing benefit as you spend more time understanding yourself through the arts. When it comes to you to learn about arts and carving, you can pour all your attention on your sculpture. You will pick the best carving stone for sale to make sure you get the best of it. So, you will pour everything you need for your new hobby.
  3. Another healing benefit of carving as your hobby is about how you can be more appreciative to your own self. You work your project from scratch and you can get a lot of simple things for your carving. When it comes to you to appreciate yourself, many people fail to do it. Therefore, it might be your time to keep the work to be good. It might be the best thing you can consider.

The Importance of Mental Healing

In this busy world, being healthy mentally is important. Especially if you want to live a happy life. If you want to have it, then you can heal your mental condition simply by doing whatever thing that might be good for you. It can be a good deal if you choose to learn carving. As it might be simple and will help you to learn better, you can also find your inner peace by doing your hobby. By doing so, you can also get lots of important things. So, you will get your inner peace and be a whole person. Remember, you can always choose the best carving stone for sale to get the right result.

Healthy and Natural Diet and Weight Loss Program

If you are looking for a weight loss product, you can find them by visiting palm plantation in Medan. There are some folks who feel that dropping weight is easy and some human beings feel that losing weight is very tough. For folks that are hard to lose weight now and again feel useless doing it. But of direction surrender isn’t always the manner out. Many ways to shed pounds naturally which can be easy, simple, without having to experience confused and drain the bag. The key is to apply it continuously and with commitment.

The Commitment Of Living Healthily

Losing weight is always a dream. In order to achieve that we have the appropriate program of weight loss. Keep in mind that the correct body shape isn’t always constantly identified as the ideal body weight. If body shape is a subjective view, the success of losing weight can only be judged by you. Please do bear in mind that your body form is best. Or, perhaps for you, your body form is not ideal, yet your weight size, can be made ideal.

If you need assistance with bodyweight programs and products, you can visit palm plantation in Medan. In addition, there are a lot of proper ways to lose bodyweight naturally.

Ways To Lose Bodyweight Naturally

  1. Do it Slow but Steadily

Losing pound by pound is the word weight loss plan. Yes, indeed to remove a few pounds we ought to undergo the process of weight-reduction plan. However, the food plan here isn’t merely a count number of intense diets. It’s not a plan where we just stop eating hoping our body would lose weight. Diets with a drastic change in eating habits are bad. Not to mention that not eating for a long period of time presents risks of health issues as well.

Even though you are trying hard, and unhealthy food plan would not provide any large changes to your body weight. Instead, apply a healthful life-style to maintain the perfect body and weight stability for a long period of time.

  1. Drink Water

Mineral water is essential for the body. Mineral water allows the body’s metabolism, improves kidney performance, eliminates pollution that enters the frame, makes the skin look smooth and bright, and helps improve mental performance.

  1. Don’t Skip Meals

Many people assume that reducing the frequency of ingesting heavy meals in a day will help lessen weight. In fact, this assumption is wrong. People with huge meals even though only once brought a brand-new problem. Simply by lowering your portions, such as consuming three tablespoons of rice and side dishes, would provide a better result. So, try to preserve your eating habits as normal. About three times in the afternoon but with small quantities.

  1. Don’t Eat Breakfast Late

Avoid eating past than 6 o’clock. An afternoon without breakfast definitely requires extra quantities as our power consumption for the whole day. It will make your digestive system less healthy. If you are looking for information about weight loss products, try visiting palm plantation in Medan.

How to Visit Bali on a Budget Excitedly

Has it ever crossed your mind to take a short fancy holiday and go on the trip that can fill your happy emotion? There are so many unforgettable tourist attractions in Indonesia that you can pick as your next destination place. One of the most visited islands in Indonesia is Bali. The fame and enchantment of Bali can lure you to crawl all the way to do Bali trip activities as soon as possible.

What Can Be Seen In Bali?

Since wonderful tourist places are numerous, getting everything well prepared is really important especially for you who want to have fun simply. Preparing bucket lists you can do in Bali trip activities is a must to make sure you will not be confused about where to go and how much money you have to bring in order to avoid the loss of much money in your account. You might not have an idea of how to stay on a budget in Bali. The helpful advice will be the booking agent that provides a magnificent facility and choosing one that suits your budget. One of the trusted agents is Bali Trip Activity.

Why Do You Have To Pick Bali Trip Activity?

  1. Ease of transportation

Some of you are not familiar with Bali. Getting lost in Bali in the middle of your trip will ruin your happiness at once. That is why you have to choose this agent because they can pick you up from your base or everywhere you want. It guarantees that you will be dropped off to your selected location safely and quickly. Thus, you do not need to find other transportation.

  1. No cancelation fee

This will literally make you overjoyed. This agent will not charge you for canceling or changing the date of service execution. It means you can do both of them a fee. Hence, you will not be worried again in case there is an emergency that drives you to change or cancel your holiday.

  1. Friendly Bali driver

Getting guided by the stranger might scare some of you who tend to be reluctant to speak a lot. Now, you will not feel that way for there are several friendly Bali drivers that will not only take you anywhere but also share the insight and information about the place you will visit and life in Bali. You can be a close friend to them.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Having a friendly driver is one of their goals to give you a daily dose of happiness on the trip. They will try to satisfy your needs the best. All their customers have the same opinion that their customer service is absolutely good. It is really worth to have them as your agent.


If you want to do Bali Trip Activities, you can choose this agent since you will get its best facilities such as ease of transportation, no cancelation fee, friendly Bali driver and customer satisfaction. You will not regret your choice. No use in waiting and rethinking, take your phone and book your trip now.

10 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy is a must while having a mount Bromo tour package. It will make the trip more comfortable. It will be very annoying to get sick while traveling. That is why it is very important to keep your body fit ad prepared while traveling. There are some essential tips to stay healthy while traveling that you need to do to stay on the right track and have a fun trip.

Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Drink enough

Staying hydrated is very important while traveling. We often forget to drink enough because of the activities. When the digestive system is not used to the food we eat, it makes us suffer from diarrhea or constipation. Drinking water will avoid us from those digestion problems.

  • Eat regularly

Eating snacks before we go out will make us order less food. The body still needs enough energy from foods while traveling. Avoiding heavy desserts like ice cream will ease the digestive system.

  • Avoid spicy food

It is challenging to eat spicy food while traveling. Moreover, some traditional foods are served spicy in several places. But we need to minimize the risk of burning your stomach with spicy food. Request to the chef to make your food less spicy.

  • Do not get drunk

It will be fun to drink alcohol and socialize with people. Experiencing a special or traditional liquor will also be good. But, staying sober and drink less alcohol will save you from several disadvantages like dizziness, more cautious and you can use your money for more interesting stuff.

  • Eat fewer sweets and salty diets

While ordering your food, check the menu and ask for the information about the dish you do not know. Choose the dish with less sweet, salty and oily. Those kinds of the dish contain cholesterols and fats that will distract your diet.

  • Do not forget to exercise

Choosing a Mount Bromo tour package will require you to train your stamina. You need to do physical training to have such a trip. Exercising while traveling also important to keep your body fit.

  • Take vitamins and supplement

Taking vitamins will improve your immune system. Supplements are good for your body nutrition. Having both will avoid you from sickness while traveling.

  • Have enough sleep

Setting your sleep duration is also important. You need to rest your body after the activities on your trip. You also need to prepare yourself for the next activities or trip.

  • Take vaccine

While going to specific places that are remote, taking specific vaccines are also required. For example, going to Papua or Maluku, you must take the Malaria Vaccine since the mosquitos may deliver the Virus.

  • Take it easy

Last but not least, you do not have to worry about your trip too much and take it easy. Believe that everything is going to be alright on your trip. Taking it easy will lower your heartbeat and keep you out of heart disease. keeping your mental health from anxiety will make your mount Bromo tour package fun.

The Importance Of Maintaining Healthy Sleep Everyday

Sleep is one of the basic human needs that must be fulfilled. After getting tired of working all day, sleep is useful to restore wasted energy so that tomorrow you are spirited to work again. Apparently, not only the posture when standing and sitting you have to pay attention to maintain health. The right sleeping position turns out to function to maintain sleep quality and our health.

Sleeping position tilted to the right with the right side of the body as a pedestal, it turns out to provide many effects and benefits for our health, especially for those people who need the obsructive sleep apnea treatment. What are the effects that benefit our health? in this article, we will review it one by one for you.

Importance Of Sleep On ‘Right’ Side

For those of you who dominantly use the right body to move, sleeping on your right side can rest your left brain. When in school, of course, you have learned about the anatomy of the human body. The human brain divided into 2 parts, right and left. The left side of the brain is the source of your right nerve drive. Generally, the majority use the right side of the body as the most dominant part of doing daily activities (eating, drinking, holding things).

By sleeping facing to the right, the left side of the brain which supplies all the activities of the right part of the body’s organs and will avoid the danger that arises due to decreased circulation when you sleep. Do you know the danger when our circulation obstructed or slows down? That can make deposition of blood clots, fat, acid residual oxidation, and narrowing of blood vessels that cause strokes. By changing your sleeping habits with a tilt to the right, you will avoid a stroke that has killed many lives.

Reduce Burden On Your Heart

Sleeping position on the right side turns out to provide another advantage, which is to reduce the burden on your heart. This sleeping position allows blood to be distributed evenly and concentrated to the right or bottom. This will cause the blood flow into and out of the heart to be lower, causing the heart rate to slow down and reduce blood pressure. The heart also does not struck down with other organs. This is the cause of the heart position which is leaning to the left. Otherwise, if your sleeping position is facing the left side, the more blood will enter the atrium.

Rest Your Stomach That Works All Day To Digest The Food You Consume

The human stomach is like a comma-shaped tube with the end of the output valve toward the intestine facing down to the right. So, if you sleep facing left, then it will slow down the chime process (foods that have been digested gastric which mixed with stomach acid) so that the process of emptying the stomach will be disrupted. In a long time, these obstacles will increase the accumulation of acid which causes erosion of the stomach wall. So it is dangerous for you who suffer from ulcers. Hope this review can help all of you especially for those people who need the obstructive sleep apnea treatment.