Sleep is one of the basic human needs that must be fulfilled. After getting tired of working all day, sleep is useful to restore wasted energy so that tomorrow you are spirited to work again. Apparently, not only the posture when standing and sitting you have to pay attention to maintain health. The right sleeping position turns out to function to maintain sleep quality and our health.

Sleeping position tilted to the right with the right side of the body as a pedestal, it turns out to provide many effects and benefits for our health, especially for those people who need the obsructive sleep apnea treatment. What are the effects that benefit our health? in this article, we will review it one by one for you.

Importance Of Sleep On ‘Right’ Side

For those of you who dominantly use the right body to move, sleeping on your right side can rest your left brain. When in school, of course, you have learned about the anatomy of the human body. The human brain divided into 2 parts, right and left. The left side of the brain is the source of your right nerve drive. Generally, the majority use the right side of the body as the most dominant part of doing daily activities (eating, drinking, holding things).

By sleeping facing to the right, the left side of the brain which supplies all the activities of the right part of the body’s organs and will avoid the danger that arises due to decreased circulation when you sleep. Do you know the danger when our circulation obstructed or slows down? That can make deposition of blood clots, fat, acid residual oxidation, and narrowing of blood vessels that cause strokes. By changing your sleeping habits with a tilt to the right, you will avoid a stroke that has killed many lives.

Reduce Burden On Your Heart

Sleeping position on the right side turns out to provide another advantage, which is to reduce the burden on your heart. This sleeping position allows blood to be distributed evenly and concentrated to the right or bottom. This will cause the blood flow into and out of the heart to be lower, causing the heart rate to slow down and reduce blood pressure. The heart also does not struck down with other organs. This is the cause of the heart position which is leaning to the left. Otherwise, if your sleeping position is facing the left side, the more blood will enter the atrium.

Rest Your Stomach That Works All Day To Digest The Food You Consume

The human stomach is like a comma-shaped tube with the end of the output valve toward the intestine facing down to the right. So, if you sleep facing left, then it will slow down the chime process (foods that have been digested gastric which mixed with stomach acid) so that the process of emptying the stomach will be disrupted. In a long time, these obstacles will increase the accumulation of acid which causes erosion of the stomach wall. So it is dangerous for you who suffer from ulcers. Hope this review can help all of you especially for those people who need the obstructive sleep apnea treatment.