enjoy the practical things of life

Receiving visitors is our historic vocation.

Casa Nuratti was designed thinking of those who enjoy the practical things of life. Since the dominant color of the 14 rooms, white, each one assures pleasant rest, through a combination of details that are an invitation to stay.

The decor is simple and clean, incorporating characteristic elements of Panamanian environment, including remnants of the local culture, which are skylights to the society, history and geography of the country.

We recognize our responsibility to preserve the environment, so we also use recycled material for the manufacture of furniture, mainly second hand wood platforms (pallets), allowing them a second –better- life in Casa Nuratti.

Similarly, in recognition of the history of the property, in each one of the spaces, Casa Nuratti allows visitors to learn one aspect of Panama, which are not always in view of the common tourist. For this reason, a complete tour of our rooms can get a broad overview of the country, its people, their culture

according to various sources, Casa Nuratti was built in the nineteenth century as an inn for foreign travelers; in other words, receiving visitors is the historic vocation of the building. Today, many of our furniture and decorations incorporate wood from the original building, restored and integrated into the new concept, which is to get in direct contact with a glorious past.

Yes, to be in Casa Nuratti is, literally, to be in Panama.

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Hotel Casa Nuratti
casco viejo
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