I am a career woman who loves having a healthy life. Usually, I start the day by doing some exercise in the morning. I am a morning person who likes to prepare anything before going to work. I am getting used to doing a simple exercise like about 15 to 20 minutes per day. In addition, I like to prepare my breakfast with a healthy diet.

What I have every day is a cup of coffee or tea in the morning with less sugar and a toast with organic strawberry jam on it. Sometimes I have granola cereal too with low-fat milk. It is simple and healthy, isn’t it?

Trying to get a healthy lifestyle actually makes me have lots of benefits. If you are wondering why I like to do this, the answer is just because being healthy is happiness. It makes me rarely get stressed out. Moreover, I am a career woman who is familiar with lots of workloads. I try to stay away from smoking habits and alcohol and it is successfully done by me. In addition, I like to have healthy food for lunch and drink plenty of water to make my stay fit.

On the weekend, sometimes I have exercised by jogging around my house. I always turn on running apps on my phone to find out how long I run. I also check if I have good progress than the previous session. My health is very important since when I am feeling unwell, it will postpone all things that I have to finish at work.

Therefore, having a routine exercise in the morning, healthy food and positive minds lead me to a happy life. I believe that everyone can keep his or her health, but it depends on how you manage it. If you want to share your healthy life, that’s a great idea. Just leave your comments below and I look forward to getting your amazing story!