After the pandemic, many have been affected economically. People lost their jobs, and many businesses were having a hard time. Even so, people still try their best. One of the things that are important when looking for a job is to prepare complete documents. We need a printer and a scanner because many companies are opening vacancies online and files sent online. It needs to be supported by sophisticated equipment.

To answer that need, Brother recently made a new scanner in Indonesia. The Japanese electronics company introduced the ADS-2200 series scanner. Many people think that scanner can only be used with a flash drive.

What You Can Get from Brother ADS 2200

In general, we need to connect a scanner or printer to a laptop or computer to operate it; it is necessary to find the Brother ADS 2200 driver first. Drivers are supporting or connecting devices that installed. But with this scanner, just using a flash drive is enough, and just pressing a button on the scanner.

The printer has quite striking advantage, namely being able to scan documents at speeds up to 35 pages per minute. Equipped with a wireless connection makes it possible to connect too many devices at once by utilizing WLAN and Wi-Fi networks.

The Brother ADS 2200 scanner can contain a maximum of 50 sheets of printed paper commonly used to scan business cards, various types of photos, and also proof of payment or receipts. The ability is very useful and facilitates our daily activities.

Then to get goods of such good quality, what is the price must be redeemed? The Brother ADS-2200 priced at IDR 7,490,000. Brother ADS 2200 driver, you can look for them online at various trusted sites. In difficult times, the price is quite affordable, especially if you look at the features we can get.

The Advantages of Brother ADS 2200

Fast, reliable, and doesn’t take up much space. The Brother ADS-2200 is the color duplex scanner that’s right for everyone. For the people who need a fast and reliable scanner to handle a lot of documents, this is the right choice. The design which is compact makes this scanner best for individuals or groups in the office or school. Make sure that each connected computer has the Brother ADS 2200 driver installed, so that collective utilization runs smoothly.

This scanner’s size is smaller than ordinary scanners with the same specifications. Auto Size Detection  and One-Button Scanning features will make it easy for you scanning multiple documents of various sizes at the same time. With the command button on the tool, you don’t have to open a computer or laptop. If you are using a laptop, make sure to install the Brother ADS 2200 driver first on your laptop.

This feature allows the scanner to automatically scan all the documents that placed in the tray. This feature, besides its energy efficient advantage, will also save you some time. The ADS-2200 scanner can easily handle various document sizes, ranging from legal, long papers, prescriptions, notes, photos, and business cards.

We have to rack our brains a lot when faced with difficult situations. We must have the courage to sacrifice a little money so that we can get a bigger thing. Every time we apply for a job, we will need documents. If you continuously use a printing service, it is not only cost you money, but also sacrifice time and energy.

However, if we buy a Brother ADS 2200, it will be easier for us to take care of the job requirements. We are also investing at the same time. One day, the scanner will be useful for other things. It can support your work and your business. To be able to connect to the device is also easy, you only need to download the Brother ADS 2200 driver and install it, and then we can use it easily.