As it is known that English is the number one language most widely used in the world. This language has become the language of international communication between countries around the world.

This is because many countries have made English their primary language, so English has become an international communication language. For everyone who communicates internationally, English must be used.

A lot of people use a tool in the form of an application to learn English. There are several best app to learn English that can be used to help in learning English.

Countries with Better English

Known as an international language, most of the countries that use English as their main language have a good economic level when compared to countries that do not make English their main language.

This is because communication and international economic activities use English as the main language. So, it is not difficult for English-speaking countries to improve their country’s economies.

Here are some countries with good English and economy:

  • United States of America

This superpower country applies English as its primary language. Almost the entire population of this country communicates in English. No wonder this country has finally succeeded in becoming the country with the best economy in the world.

  • Singapore

Located in the Southeast Asia region, Singapore has managed to become the country with the best economy in the world. This is inseparable from the use of English as the main language in Singapore. Most people in Singapore use English as their main language of communication.

Because they use English as their primary language, many branch companies from all over the world have set up branch offices in Singapore, making this small country on the Malacca peninsula the center of the world economy.

  • Qatar

This country which is located on the Arabian Peninsula has managed to become a country with a high-income value. This is evidenced by Qatar’s per capita income which reached USD 93,508 within a year.

English language that applied in Qatar is one of the supporters of this country being a country with a good economic level in the world. Even though it is located in the Arab region, the majority of its citizens use English as the language of communication.

Several Apps to Learn English

For someone who travels internationally or has an international conversation, they must use English. Because English is the language of international communication.

Many people end up using special applications that help in learning English. Some of the best app to learn English are:

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is an application for learning English that is quite popular for beginners today. This application has been downloaded 200 million times by users around the world. No wonder this application is the best app to learn English for smartphone users around the world.

This application is designed to resemble a game display so that it seems interesting to learn. Duolingo provides material on vocabulary, grammar, phrases, and conversations in English.

  • LingoDeer

LingoDeer is an application to learn a foreign language that is quite interactive and allows users to interact with foreigners in a structured and contextual way. This language learning application emphasizes learning about listening, reading, and writing vocabulary that is quite often asked.

LingoDeer offers an intuitive design with a variety of themes, ranging from themes about traveling, family, pets, special questions, general questions, and so on. This is intended so that users can get used to communicating according to the theme.

  • Bussu

Another application for learning English is Bussu. This application has been supported by the sophistication of AI or artificial intelligence. Bussu is an application that is quite familiar to smartphone users. This application has been downloaded 90 million times by users to learn English.

The material taught in the Bussu application is knowledge of phrases, grammar, and conversation in English. Through the Bussu application, users can find out the progress of learning English by looking at the percentage score on each task that has been completed. Bussu also includes weekly reports to users.

That was the information about countries that use English with a good economy and the best app to learn English for beginners. Hopefully, it can be useful for the readers, thank you so much.