Since the earlier days of the history of the US, farming had been a very important aspect in terms of helping to maintain the nation’s economy and even culture. Why? It was none other because farmers and farming performed a significant and crucial role in feeding people and offering job vacancies for the locals. Despite the major development in technology that the nation has ever since focused working on, farming has always been a particularly valued activity in the US. Here is to know why to stay tuned on this site.

Farming in the US: The History

Earlier in the nation’s history, farmers tend to be role models of ideal people, who should have been parties who are hard worker, full of initiative, and able to perform self-sufficiency concept. Many Americans, including the immigrants that day, started to learn and internalize the good things of farmers and farming as well. From not owning any land nor having the ability of labor, they started to work on the farms and became good farmers to produce things. Hence, they were able to reach out to the state’s standard economic system. Either way, the land was a commodity that had been easy to be sold and bought, so the economy wheel of the nation had never really been stopped from profiting.

Government Support on Farming

According to the reports that have been gathered up on this site, there were times when farmers in the US found difficulties due to different factors as well in terms of producing well in farming. And those were the times when the assistance of governments actually came and pushed over the threats.

  • In the 1930s, bad weather and miss-production combined and created a condition called The Great Depression. The government spread out support by sweeping agricultural reforms, mainly in taking care of the price support systems.
  • In the late 1997s, US farmers just couldn’t resist the possibility of ups and downs in farming from happening. However, the government still managed to give out assistance by creating and implementing regulations that would benefit the farmers.

Farming Role in the US Economy

In terms of producing stocks, the US farmers can be considered as successful. Farmers were able to provide enough food stocks in the markets, and the whole readiness of stock created a healthy transaction environment where the farmers and sellers could control the prices, and the buyers would follow. However, farming had ever been a problem, too, in the states, regarding to the fluctuate support coming from the government for the farmers. Sometimes, overproduction might happen, and rocket-increasing prices in the market were often troubling buyers.

It can be concluded that at some points, according to some conditions, farming had offered a rather favorable effect on the US economy related to its rich creation for the markets. As time and trends passed by, the work of US farmers have also been supported by the existence of modern technologies, and they did nothing but profitable actions towards the economic cycle as long as they kept on following the fundamental ways and laws of farming. For more interesting news and facts about farming, visit and stay informed on