The refrigerator has been one of the most fundamental things for us to have these past few decades. If you are looking for a commercial refrigeration repair, you have come to the right place! We believe that the installment, reparation, and treatment of it needs careful decision and action in order to achieve the most satisfying result.

However, today we are going to also talk about Refrigerator Day. Do you know that we have been celebrating a special occasion every June 26th since last year? In accordance with the celebration the International Institute of Refrigerator, or best known as the IIR, shared some insight on what role the refrigerator holds and plays in the modern global economy.

The Familiarity Of Refrigerator In Nowadays Life

As we said before, one possession of a refrigerator has been more and more relevant nowadays. You may have experienced it by yourself that you start to realize the importance of having a refrigerator, saving the contact of a commercial refrigeration repair, keeping up with the latest trend of refrigerator technology or usage. It all can be understood by seeing this reality as an unbreakable link between the user and the refrigerator.

According to the IIR, over billions of people are recorded to own at least one refrigerator at their place. Moreover, over 15 million people worldwide are employed in this sector – that means, the world consumption of electricity by a single refrigerator can reach up to 20%. In regards to the data, there has also been a reference amount of annual sales in the world for the item itself, and its other equipment or necessities, to how many systems are operated to produce one refrigerator.

Other statistical data have proved the familiarity of a refrigerator in our lives today by stating that this sector has significantly grown in the past years, and is expected to still grow for the coming years, due to the increasing demand of this cooling needs. The importance of the refrigerator for humankind has been ultimately supported by the date that the IIR Informatory Note released just recently, about the urge to have more sustainable food material. The existence of a refrigerator makes it possible for everyone to be aware of the possibilities they can gain and make with preserved food materials, particularly in lasting quality.

How Refrigerator Affect The Global Economy

We understand that it is such an impactful happening in the economy sector. However, the rising usage of the refrigerator has also been known as a cause of global warming and many other defects environmental wise. As a result, the IIR came up with such a standard that regulates more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly refrigerators.

Supporting the given data, the overall expenses that we have made for a single refrigerator is estimated as many as 500 billion USD, with another roughly 5 billion have been spent from the side of commercial refrigeration repair for the sake of production, distribution, installment, reparation, to treatment. Finally, we can conclude that the refrigerator has been a primer life component for lots of individuals, instead of just being a parameter of one’s buying ability.