Having a hobby to travel around the world can be mean that we should have good money management as we have to travel around the world. Of course, it is because we need to spend much money to fly from our home to every destination in our trip. Sometimes, choosing economy class flight becomes a good choice. So, we can press the budget to spend on our trip.

Top 7 Airlines with Best Economy Class Flight!

Even though we might need to choose the economy class for flight and get a better budget, we still need to consider the airlines that will be chosen. Yes, you should really consider the best services and the safety of the airlines. So, here is the list of some airlines with good economy class flights to choose!

  • Asiana Airlines

This one airline from South Korea serves one of the best economy class flights. Passengers will have access to send e-mail and SMS connectivity when they are on their flight. Besides that, as this airline is already labeled as “Travel Class”, it shows that the economic class of this airline is good enough to try for the traveler!

  • Garuda Indonesia Airlines

If you want to experience good services with a delicious meal from Southeast Asia, Garuda Indonesia is a good choice. The rest space for the passengers’ foot is quite standard and even having comfortable seats. Even the economy class from this airline is also having good services.

  • Qatar Airways

If you want to try a plane with a different atmosphere, Qatar Airways is a good choice. The cabin is having good decoration and no other airlines having this kind of cabin decoration. It is supported with a comfortable seat, pillows, and towel for the part of the services. If you have a plan to visit Qatar for World Cup 2022, this airline can be your future choice of flight!

  • Turkish Airlines

This airline is supported with good Skytrax ranking, showing that the safety and services standard is good for the passengers. The same with the other plane, it also has the private footrest. For more services, you can get the Mediterranean foods and Turkish mezze on your flight. These combinations will make you more comfortable with the flight!

  • Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific becomes one of those top 5 airlines to serve with the best economy class flight. It has the support for 6-inch recline and also comfortable headrest which is adjustable. Even the legroom for the passenger can be extended. You also can experience the entertainment support from StudioCX on the plane.

  • Singapore Airlines

Similar to the other airlines from Southeast Asia, Singapore airlines also give the best services even though it is the economy class flight. The extended leg room makes the passengers become more comfortable here, in the plane. Besides that, the support system of the entertainment and also the standard Givenchy blankets make you have comfortable rest on your flight.

  • EVA Air

If you want to take economy class flight from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, this is the best option to try! With the great food menu that is offered by the airline, you can try to taste some Chinese traditional dishes. You also can get some entertainment support when you choose the flight from this airline. Even when you are watching a movie here, it will be supported with HD quality system.

Those top 7 airlines are the best options to try if you want to travel around the world with good economy class flight. You even can get the standard but comfortable services from those airlines with very affordable price. For more information about the best but affordable flight class, you can access more in airlinesfleet.com.