There are a lot of movies available to stream and download on the internet. You can get more info and detail about online movie streaming on the Kinox streaming service website. You can find various genres of movies from financial documentaries to romance movies. If you are an entrepreneur looking for educational movies, you can find a lot of documentaries about business or successful entrepreneurs.

Why Watch Online?

There are a lot of benefits that you can get by watching movies online. By streaming movies or documentaries on streaming sites such as Kinox, you can watch your movies on demand. You can watch your favorite movies at any time you want. In addition, you can also stream movies from various kinds of gadgets. You can watch movies from smartphones, computers, and notebooks.

Inspiring Movies

On the internet, there are a lot of inspiring movies and documentaries that can change your life. These movies tell you the struggles of becoming entrepreneurs. These movies and documentaries also have positive reviews and ratings. Not only that you will be educated, but you can also be entertained since the movies were directed by famous directors and producers. You can also relax and wind down a bit by watching these movies. You can grab popcorn and ask your loved ones to watch the movies together on online sites such as Kinox.

1. Becoming Warren Buffett

This movie was premiered in 2017. The movie follows the journey of Warren Buffett. One of the most respected and wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world. Warren Buffett has a net worth of over $60 million. The inspiring stories of Warren Buffet are now available to watch in the movie Becoming Warren Buffett.

The investor lives in a modest home located in Omaha. He still drives by himself to his office every morning. He manages Berkshire Hathaway. The movie shows you the evolution and journey of the ambitious investor to be a legend among the world’s investor

2. Generation Startup

Generation Startup was released in 2016 and it tells you a story of teenage entrepreneurs. It shows you the journey of the young startup group that managed to be successful business persons.

3. Burt’s Buzz

Burt’s Buzz is a 2016 movie that follows the story of a famous beekeeper that manages to be a successful business person.

4. Betting on Zero

Betting on Zero is a movie released in 2017. It tells you about an accusation of a pyramid scheme by a nutritional product company.

5. Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

Tony Robbins is a famous coach or teacher especially in the world of business. You can find the life story of the influencer from the movie of Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

6. Freakonomics

This movie shows science and economics which explain our everyday behavior.

7. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

This is a tribute to the famous co-founder and CEO of apple.

8. Food, Inc

This movie shows you the corrupt and secretive practices by food businesses that lead to obesity of the masses.

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting entrepreneurs and business movies. You can watch them on the Kinox streaming service site.