The development of making a website is getting higher. Many people use a website for some purposes. They share news, knowledge, online business opportunity even a review about food or place. Recently, many people interested in making a website. People have to use their creativity to make a good website in order to get much attention from the viewers.

Website For Online Business

Many people prefer doing online business nowadays. Online business means doing business by online or using the internet. Many companies already make their business by online in the last some years. Moreover, this job field can be done by everyone not only a company. The review shows online business will surely more develop in the future. The competition among the people or company will be tighter. They have to prepare many strategies in order to preserve their business. One of them is by making a website. A website is the best platform to promote your business. You can add some information about your product, the price and how to buy it. Then, the website shows the detail information about your product. Thus, you have to make an interesting website to get attention from viewers. There are some ideas to make an interesting website.

10 Creative Ideas In Making A Website

Making an interesting website is an important thing to do by the website user. It helps to get more attention from viewers. Here are 10 creative ideas in making a website.

  • Use Many Pictures

Some people enjoy seeing an illustration or picture. Add more visual element makes the viewer easily read your web. They read all your information written on the website while enjoying the pictures. The pictures make them understand the meaning of your information better. Your viewer will surely increase.

  • Don’t Use More Than 3 Colors

Some people like a colorful thing but not most of them. Many people prefer something simple and easy to apply. It also happens when they read the information on the website. Colorful website will make the viewer confuse. Therefore, you have to decrease the using of colors. The example website that only uses some color is People can enjoy the colors used on that website. They can comfortably read the information on the website.

  • Use Button or Picture to Do an Action

A button or picture attracts the viewer. It triggers the viewer to click it. First, the button will attract the viewer more than the texts. People will click the button to know the next action. The action can be a telephone call, for registration or even want to buy a thing from your website.

  • Make Your Detail Contact Clearly

Communication is the best way to keep in touch with each other. As a website user, you have to keep your communication with your viewer well. It can build your viewer’s trust. Then they will not easily forget your website. So, you can give your detail contact clearly in order to keep your communication with your viewer.

  • Apply the Share Social Media Button

The social media button is important to be applied to your website. It helps people share your website easily. Once they click it, your website will have more viewer. It is free advertising.

  • Show the Good Respond of the Customer

Some customers usually give their rate to a website. You should add a positive response to make your website more trusted. Moreover, it can encourage other people to visit your website.

  • Adaptive or Responsive Design

The important approach of a website is to apply responsive design. It might a website more usable or looks nice when people open it on a mobile phone or computer. Moreover, an adaptive design can automatically adjust with the size of the phone screen or other devices.

  • The Typography

The font type is an important element to be considered to make a good website. The selection of the font type affects the interest of the viewer. Choose the best font type to your website carefully. One of the websites that use good typography is fbmp4 site

  • Choose the Minimalist Design

The minimalist design helps you to throw away the unimportant sites element on the website. The simple design will be more effective in giving detail information. It also adds the website values and makes the people interest to read the information written. You can visit fbmp4 site and see a simple but interesting design for a website.

  • Use Full Page Background

Using the full page background gives the best view for the viewers. They can read the information comfortably. Moreover, it is good for the eyes’ health.

Make your own website and build a good relationship with your viewer. Good luck!