The current business trend in the millennium and the future requires every businessman, every worker, even every person to be able to move quickly because with the start of the global market competition becomes increasingly tight if we do not move fast we will miss.

Proactive attitude, daring to find new ideas and dare to start trying is the attitude of successful entrepreneurs who can be emulated by new entrepreneurs. The demand to open a new business and become an entrepreneur in the midst of the difficulties of employment today is getting higher. can open business opportunities, can be part of successful people.

Who Are The People Who Can Become Entrepreneurs?

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, anyone can become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs Do not know ethnicity or race, entrepreneurs do not know social status, entrepreneurs do not know the educational background even though education is necessary and we must learn but we should not be fixated on our education, if there are opportunities to take why not even if it is not in accordance with the educational background that we take, if we have succeeded we can continue to get higher education or we can do business we can business while learning.

can start a business even though it is not yet an expert, do not be inferior even if not talented, even though it is not an expert because waiting for an expert will take a long time, while we are required to move quickly and proactively, we can become experts through step by step processes, it’s important to want and find good business opportunities through information from friends, family, find information on the internet, in newspapers, then start trying.

Success depends on the effort to self-engineer to continue to hone creativity and perfect it step by step over time, not until time goes on but we just stay silent thinking and keep thinking without starting and dare to try.

The success factor of many successful entrepreneurs is determined by leadership attitudes, leadership requires that every person dare to lead himself, lead the people around him, lead and manage his business, a leader is those who dare to take the risk of being even worse, brave and confident despite many difficulties, with that courageous attitude, difficulties after difficulties can be eliminated little by little, because if you don’t dare to lead instead to hide or run away from problems, difficulties and adversity does not necessarily disappear or even fear when someone feels ready to advance the problems and difficulties come again because they haven’t he completed it in the past, so flow and start doing business and start a business to become big and strong.

Another success factor of a successful entrepreneur is managerial ability, the managerial ability is the ability to manage small businesses step by step to become large, self-management ability and ability to manage the business from the preparation of raw materials, production, quality control, promotion and marketing to transactions and other services.

We can learn all managerial abilities while we are willing to learn especially from people who have already been successful. Entrepreneurship is dynamic, constantly changing to accommodate the progress of the times and new things that emerge. Students learn to follow it. Being a student shouldn’t limit you from becoming an entrepreneur. You only need to put a priority on the right track.

  1. Evaluate your skills, knowledge, and goals. Are you competent enough? Are you knowledgeable about business? Ask yourself, are you ready to explore the world of entrepreneurship? If you are still in doubt, look for ways to get as much information as possible.
  2. Choose specific business ideas that you can develop. Unique and interesting business ideas will help facilitate all implementations.
  3. Market studies. You cannot ignore market research if you want to be successful in business. Many people ignore this factor, so the risk of being thrown back to square one is when it is difficult to start a business.
  4. Create a business plan as early as possible. Never think of starting a business without a plan. It only makes you live without guidance and you can’t do it all by accident.
  5. Find a suitable mentor. Successful entrepreneurs, whoever they are, must have mentors or people who are invited to walk together. With a mentor, you can consult because they have the best experience.
  6. Follow up on your plan. The longer you keep an idea, the lazier you are to actualize it. You don’t need to wait too long to start a business. Anxiety only keeps you from delaying. Believe in yourself and start the first step.

In addition to leadership and managerial factors, we must hone interpersonal skills, how to relate and communicate well and effectively with different people, how to establish relationships, we can join groups, business communities and others that are needed to increase capacity and opportunities for success.

The creativity factor must always be explored by an entrepreneur, there is no day without creativity and trying to innovate, we can integrate the elements that already exist and perfect them so that they can be more useful for our business and business. Believe in your own abilities and our business, with relentless creativity there is always a way to become a successful entrepreneur.