Being able to make a large income is a goal of a businessman. The way to get it is by getting a big profit from the business. There are many ways that can be applied so that our business gets big profits. The certain points are good marketing ability and high quality product. The choice of the business type also determines the high level of customer interest.

We must be observant in seeing the market, and now the culinary business is still one of the best business choices. We know that everyone loves to eat, there are many people comes to restaurants to enjoy the special dishes there. With current developments, culinary business is not always done in restaurants. Now many people are setting up a home business by selling packaged foods.

Have A Food Business

Here are some home business ideas for food lovers, especially in Indonesia. First, there is food that has become a trend since the end of December 2018, namely aci meatballs with spicy sauce. This is a food that is very favored by Indonesians because Indonesians are known to love eating food with spicy soup, especially meatballs. This is what makes aci meatballs effortlessly attracting customers.

Then, there are also other creative ideas that combine two culinary characteristics from several countries, it is a ramen burger. In general, burgers are made of bread and meat. But this time the bread is changed with ramen which is shaped like bread. There is also a sandwich croquette, which is the vice versa of a ramen burger. If previously the ramen was replaced the bread, in here the meat which used to be a filling in sandwiches is replaced by croquettes. It must be very unique and delicious.

The other culinary ideas are a blend of Indonesian specialties with European foods, namely chocolate dodol. We know that dodol is usually made from fruits, such as jackfruit, durian, soursop, and so on. However, this is a very interesting innovation, because dodol will provide a European flavor because there is chocolate in it.

Bravely Exploring The Taste

This time there is fried food. Indonesians are also known as a fried food lover. For example, fried tempeh, fried chicken, there are even fried fruits, such as banana, jackfruit, or much more. Yet, this is the kind of fruit that was never thought of before, it is watermelon. Watermelon is known to have high water content and fresh. Imagine, what would be the unique taste produced by this fried watermelon.

Still about fried food, this time it’s fried Oreo biscuits. Someone’s exploration of taste is endless. This is a very unique and very interesting innovation for fried food lovers in Indonesia. This can be a new trend in the world of fried food.

Then there are also other culinary innovations, namely seblak seafood. Seblak is a spicy soup that is usually made from dried crackers, noodles, and also other mixtures that are included in the stew of spicy sauce, it is so delicious. By adding seafood as a complement, this will make your business flooded with orders. Those are some home-cooked food ideas that you can try.